WAVECEL 'EGG EFFECT': To illustrate the basic mechanism of brain injury, WaveCel constructed a see-through head model and filled it with translucent gel that has a similar density as a human brain. They then suspended two raw egg yolks in the brain gel to visualize brain distortion during an impact.


Next gen hard hats give better protection against head injury

How a new hard hat technology can protect workers better from concussion


Fast Company

A new hard-hat material could reduce concussions by up to 98%

Made with a material called WaveCel, the hard hats aim to greatly reduce traumatic brain injuries on construction sites.



Turning Workplace Safety On Its Head

"Traumatic Brain Injury is an occupational hazard that the construction industry sees more than any other industry in the U.S., and the hard hat is the first line of defense."


Haskell Drives Worker Safety with Revolutionary Hard Hat Technology